Regulator / Rectifier Broken in Stuttgart

    Regulator / Rectifier Broken in Stuttgart


    I'm currently travelling back to England on my 2001 vfr800. Unfortunately my regulator rectifier has died just outside Stuttgart.
    The bike is at a workshop now but its closed until Monday, and I would love to be able to continue the trip home before then.

    Would anyone in Stuttgart have a regulator rectifier I could buy from them to fit on Sunday?

    Sorry for the English message in a German forum, but I thought I would be most likely to get a response here.

    Hello Bitdivision,
    unfortunatelly i can‘t help you. But one hint would be post your request as well on the VFR owners club forum.
    Have you tried already to get assistance from the german auto club ADAC? Even if you are not a member you can try if they can halo you phone number +4989222222

    Hope you can get help.Otherwise just enjoy the unintentionally stop. If you are Motor interested maybe the Porsche or Daimler Museum will be an option.

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    Thank you for posting that no race!

    I really have no idea about the German forums, sorry if this was the wrong place. Hopefully someone there can help.

    I haven't tried ADAC, my UK insurance arranged for the bike to be picked up and taken to a garage (limbaecher). So it's just waiting there at the moment. Do you think ADAC would be able to get the part on a Sunday?

    Thanks so much everyone!

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